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The Second Coming, by Chauncey Giles Bible stories and their inner meaning: A family study guide The Swedenborg epic Preparing for real marriage
It happened almost 250 years ago.  A classic, fascinating review,  of  the prophecies and the process Graded readings, story by story, for kids and adults, on the Bible and its spiritual symbolism, or  "correspondences" The definitive biography of Swedenborg and his role in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a good introduction to the Heavenly Doctrines - and a fun read A step-by-step guide for the couple interested in building a deep marriage relationship


The sanctity of marriage, by Chauncey Giles How I Think of Immortality, by Edwin Markham Children in heaven
Written a century ago and still an inspiring and thoughtful reflection on building a beautiful marriage  

A poet's reflections on endings and beginnings 

Two inches thick, this classic overview uses full quotes from the Heavenly Doctrines to summarize a huge range of topics 

An inspiring review of how children are raised in heaven by angels who love them - with some thoughts for raising children here

The Nature of Spirit and Man as a Spiritual Being, by Chauncey Giles Swedenborg, A poem by Edwin Markham Our duty to the children  

Giles classic best-seller on how dying works and details of the life after death:  An inspiring and thought-provoking overview.

A poem

Another classic: a brief overview, full of nuggets of wisdom, of parenting like it ought to be 

Evolution, by Chauncey Giles For Heaven's Sake, by Brian Kingslake Angel Stories  

A pertinent-as-ever elegant analysis of the evolution theory in the light of the Heavenly Doctrines

A collection of Rev. Kingslake's always lively, thought-provoking and brief articles on the life that leads to heaven.

What kind of wise stories might angels tell children?  Maybe like these.




Second Advent Christian.  Jesus: Right Here. Right Now.

A new religious movement, based on the Second Advent Christian Bible

One Christianity: One God.  One Faith. One Baptism.

A result of Second Advent Christianity