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I. Good and Truth

HD 11. All things in the universe, which are according to Divine order, have relation to good and truth. There is nothing in heaven, and nothing in the world, which has not relation to these two; the reason is, because both good and truth proceed from the Divine from Whom all things are.

HD 12. Hence it appears that there is nothing more necessary for man to know than what good and truth are; how the one has respect to the other; and how one is conjoined to the other. But such knowledge is especially necessary for the man of the church; for as all things of heaven have relation to good and truth, so also have all things of the church, because the good and truth of heaven are also the good and truth of the church. It is on this account that a beginning is made from good and truth.

HD 13. It is according to Divine order that good and truth should be conjoined, and not separated; thus, that they should be one, and not two; for they proceed in conjunction from the Divine, and are conjoined in heaven, and therefore they should be conjoined in the church. The conjunction of good and truth is called, in heaven, the heavenly marriage, for all there are in this marriage. Hence it is that in the Word heaven is compared to a marriage, and that the Lord is called the Bridegroom and Husband, but heaven, and also the church, are called the Bride and Wife. That heaven and the church are so called, is because they who are therein receive Divine good in truths.

HD 14. All the intelligence and wisdom which the angels have is from that marriage, and not any of it from good separate from truth, nor from truth separate from good. It is the same with the men of the church.

HD 15. Because the conjunction of good and truth is an image of marriage, it is plain that good loves truth, and truth, in its turn, loves good, and that one desires to be conjoined with the other. The man of the church, who has not such love and such desire, is not in the heavenly marriage, consequently the church as yet is not in him; for the conjunction of good and truth constitutes the church.

HD 16. Goods are manifold; in general there is spiritual good and natural good, and both are conjoined in genuine moral food. As goods are manifold, so also are truths, because truths are of good, and are the forms of good.

HD 17. As it is with good and truth, so it is in the opposite with evil and falsity; namely, as all things in the universe, which are according to Divine order, have relation to good and truth, so all things which are contrary to Divine order have relation to evil and falsity. Again, as good loves to be conjoined to truth, and vice versa, so evil loves to be conjoined to falsity, and vice versa. And again, as all intelligence and wisdom are born from the conjunction of good and truth, so all insanity and folly are born from the conjunction of evil and falsity. The conjunction of evil and falsity is called the infernal marriage.

HD 18. Since evil and falsity are opposite to good and truth, it is plain that truth cannot be conjoined to evil, nor good to the falsity of evil; if truth be adjoined to evil, it is truth no longer, but falsity, because it is falsified; and if good be adjoined to the falsity of evil, it is good no longer, but evil, because it is adulterated. But falsity which is not of evil may be conjoined to good.

HD 19. No one who is in evil, and thence in falsity from confirmation and life, can know what good and truth is, for he believes his own evil to be good, and thence he believes his falsity to be truth; but everyone who is in good and thence in truth from confirmation and life may know what evil and falsity are. The reason of this is, because all good and its truth is, in its essence, heavenly, and what is not heavenly in its essence is still from a heavenly origin; but all evil and its falsity is in its essence infernal, and what is not infernal in its essence has nevertheless its origin from thence; and all that is heavenly is in light, but all that is infernal is in darkness.


HD 20. Each and all things in the universe have relation to good and truth, and to evil and falsity; those things which are and are done according to Divine order, to good and truth; but those which are opposite to Divine order, to evil and falsity (AC 2452, 3166, 4390, 4409, 5232, 7256, 10122). Consequently everything in man has reference to the understanding and will, since the understanding is the recipient of truth, or of falsity; and the will the recipient of good, or of evil (AC 10122). At this day it is little known what truth in its genuine essence is, because it is little known what good is, when nevertheless all truth is from good, and all good is by truths (AC 2507, 3603, 4136, 9186, 9995). There are four kinds of men: 1. Those who are in falsities from evil; and those who are in falsities not from e54:2. Those who are in truths without good. 3. Those who are in truths, and by them look and tend to good. 4. Those who are in truths from good. But each of these shall be spoken of in particular.

HD 21.

[1]. Of those who are in falsities from evil, and of those who are in falsities not from evil thus of falsities from evil, and of falsities not from evil. There are innumerable kinds of falsities, namely, as many as there are evils; and the origins of evils, and thence of falsities, are many (AC 1188, 1212, 4729, 4822, 7574). There is falsity from evil, or falsity of evil; and there is evil from falsity, or evil of falsity, and again falsity thence, thus derivative (AC 1679, 2243). From one falsity, especially if it is in the place of a principle, there flow falsities in a continual series (AC 1510, 1511, 4717, 4721). There is falsity from the cupidities of the love of self and of the world; and there is falsity from the fallacies of the senses (AC 1295, 4729). There are falsities of religion, and there are falsities of ignorance (AC 4729, 8318, 9258). There is falsity in which there is good, and falsity in which there is not good (AC 2863, 9304, 10109, 10302). There is what is falsified (AC 7318, 7319 10648). All evil has falsity with it (AC 7577, 8094). Falsity from the cupidities of the love of self is the very falsity of evil; and the worst kinds of falsities are thence (AC 4729). Evil is heavy, and has in itself a tendency to fall into hell, but not so falsity, unless derived from evil (AC 8279, 8298). Good is turned into evil, and truth into falsity, when it descends from heaven into hell, because as it were into a gross and impure atmosphere (AC 3607). Falsities from evil appear as mists and foul waters over the hells (AC 8137, 8138, 8146). They who are in the hells speak falsities from evil (AC 1695, 7351, 7352, 7357, 7392, 7699). They who are in evil cannot but think falsities, when they think from themselves (AC 7437). More is said concerning evil of falsity (AC 2408, 4818, 7272, 8265, 8279); and concerning falsities of evil (AC 6359, 7272, 9304, 10302). Every falsity may be confirmed, and when confirmed appears as truth (AC 5033, 6865, 8521, 8780). Therefore everything should be examined to see whether it is true before it is confirmed (AC 4741, 7012, 7680, 7950, 8521). Care should be taken that the falsities of religion be not confirmed, because the persuasion of falsity arises thence, which adheres to man after death (AC 845, 8780). How hurtful the persuasion of falsity is (AC 794, 806, 5096, 7686). Good cannot flow into truths so long as man is in evil (AC 2434). Goods and truths are so far removed from man as he is in evil, and thereby in falsities (AC 3402). The greatest care is taken by the Lord lest truth be conjoined to evil, and the falsity of evil to good (AC 3110, 3116, 4416, 5217). Profanation arises from such mixture (AC 6348). Truths exterminate falsities, and falsities truths (AC 5207). Truths cannot be deeply received so long as incredulity reigns (AC 3399). How truths may be falsified, from examples (AC 7318). The evil are permitted to falsify truths, the reason (AC 7332). Truths are falsified by the evil, by being applied and thus turned aside to evil (AC 8094, 8149). Truth is said to be falsified when it is applied to evil, which is done especially by fallacies and appearances in externals (AC 7334, 8062). The evil are allowed to assault truth, but not good, because they can falsify truth by various interpretations and applications (AC 6677). Truth falsified from evil, is contrary to truth and good (AC 8062). Truth falsified from evil has a grievous stench in the other life (AC 7319). More is said concerning the falsification of truth (AC 7318, 7319, 10648). There are falsities of religion which agree with good, and others which disagree (AC 9258, 9259). Falsities of religion, if they do not disagree with good, do not produce evil, except with those who are in evil (AC 8318). Falsities of religion are not imputed to those who are in good, but to those who are in evil (AC 8051, 8149). Truths not genuine, and also falsities, may be consociated with genuine truths with those who are in good, but not with those who are in evil (AC 3470, 3471, 4551, 4552, 7344, 8149, 9298). Falsities and truths are consociated by appearances from the sense of the letter of the Word (AC 7344). Falsities are made true by good, and grow soft when they are applied and turned to good, and evil is removed (AC 8149). Falsities of religion with those who are in good, are received by the Lord as truths (AC 4736, 8149). Good whose quality is from the falsity of religion, is accepted by the Lord, if there is ignorance, and therein innocence, and a good end (AC 7887). Truths with man are appearances of truth and good imbued with fallacies; but nevertheless the Lord adapts them to genuine truths with the man who lives in good (AC 2053). Falsities in which is good are given with those who are out of the church, and thence in ignorance of truth; also with those who are within the church where are falsities of doctrine (AC 2589-2604, 2861, 2863, 3263, 3778, 4189, 4190, 4197, 6700, 9256). Falsities in which there is not good are more grievous with those who are within the church, than with those who are out of the church (AC 7688). Truths and goods are taken away from the evil in the other life, and given to the good, according to the words of the Lord:--

To him that hath shall be given that he may abound; and from him who hath not shall be taken away that which he hath (Matt 25:29),

(AC 7770).

HD 22.

[2]. Of those who are in truths, and not in good; consequently of truths without good. Truths without good are not in themselves truths because they have no life, for all the life of truths is from good (AC 3603). Thus they are as a body without a soul (AC 8530, 9154). The knowledges of truth and good which are only in the memory and not in the life, are believed by them to be truths (AC 5276). The truths are not appropriated to man, nor become his own, which he only knows and acknowledges from causes which proceed from the love of self and the world (AC 3402, 3834). But those are appropriated, which he acknowledges for the sake of truth itself and good (AC 3849). Truths without good are not accepted by the Lord (AC 4368); neither do they save (AC 2261). They who are in truths without good, are not of the church (AC 3963). Neither can they be regenerated (AC 10367). The Lord does not flow into truths except through good (AC 10367). Of the separation of truth from good (AC 5008, 5009, 5022, 5028). The quality of truth without good, and its quality from good (AC 1949, 1950, 1964, 5951); from comparisons (AC 5830). Truth without good is morose (AC 1949-1951, 1964). In the spiritual world it appears hard (AC 6359, 7068); and pointed (AC 2799). Truth without good is as the light of winter, in which all things of the earth are torpid, and nothing is produced; but truth from good is as the light of spring and summer, in which all things flourish and are produced (AC 2231, 3146, 3412, 3413). Such a wintry light is turned into dense darkness when light flows in from heaven; and that then they who are in those truths come into blindness and stupidity (AC 3412, 3413). They who separate truths from good are in darkness, and in ignorance of truth and in falsities (AC 9186). From falsities they cast themselves into evils (AC 3325, 8094). The errors and falsities into which they cast themselves (AC 4721, 4730, 4776, 4783, 4925, 7779, 8313, 8765, 9222). The Word is shut to them (AC 3773, 4783, 8780). They do not see and attend to all those things which the Lord spake concerning love and charity, thus concerning good (AC 2051, 3416). They know not what good is, nor what heavenly love and charity are (AC 2471, 3603, 4136, 9995). They who know the truths of faith, and live in evil, in the other life abuse truths to domineer thereby; concerning their quality and lot there (AC 4802). Divine truth condemns to hell, but Divine good elevates to heaven (AC 2258). Divine truth terrifies, not so Divine good (AC 4180). What it is to be judged from truth, and to be judged from good (AC 2335).

HD 23.

[3]. Of those who are in truths, and by them look and tend to good; thus of truths by which there is good. What man loves, this he wills, and what man loves or wills this he thinks, and confirms in various ways: what man loves or wills, this he calls good, and what man thence thinks and confirms in various ways, this he calls truth (AC 4070). Hence it is, that truth becomes good, when it becomes of the love or will, or when man loves and wills it (AC 5526, 7835, 10367). And because the love or the will is the very life of man, truth does not live with man when he only knows it, and thinks it, but when he loves and wills it, and from love and will does it (AC 5595, 9282). Thence truths receive life, consequently from good (AC 2434, 3111, 3607, 6077). Thence the life of truths is from good, and they have no life without good (AC 1589, 1947, 1997, 3180, 3579, 4070, 4096, 4097, 4736, 4757, 4884, 5147, 5928, 9154, 9667, 9841, 10729); illustrated (AC 9154). When truths may be said to have acquired life (AC 1928). Truth when it is conjoined to good, is appropriated to man because it becomes of his life (AC 3108, 3161). That truth may be conjoined to good, there must be consent from the understanding and will; when the will also consents, then there is conjunction (AC 3157, 3158, 3161). When man is regenerated, truths enter with the delight of affection, because he loves to do them, and they are reproduced with the same affection because the two cohere (AC 2474, 2487, 3040, 3066, 3074, 3336, 4018, 5893, 7967). The affection which is of love always adjoins itself to truths according to the uses of life, and that affection is reproduced with the truths, and the truths are reproduced with the affection (AC 3336, 3824, 3849, 4205, 5893, 7967). Good acknowledges nothing else for truth than what agrees with the affection which is of the love (AC 3161). Truths are introduced by delights and pleasantnesses that agree therewith (AC 3502, 3512). All genuine affection of truth is from good, and according to it (AC 4373, 8349, 8356). Thus there is an insinuation and an influx of good into truths, and conjunction (AC 4301). And thus truths have life (AC 7917, 7967). Because the affection which is of love always adjoins itself to truths according to the uses of life, good acknowledges its own truth, and truth its own good (AC 2429, 3101, 3102, 3161, 3179, 3180, 4358, 5407, 5835, 9637). Thence is the conjunction of truth and good, concerning which (AC 3834, 4096, 4097, 4301, 4345, 4353, 4364, 4368, 5365, 7623-7627, 7752-7762, 8530, 9258, 10555). Truths also acknowledge each other, and are mutually consociated (AC 9079). This is from the influx of heaven (AC 9079). Good is the esse of life, and truth the existere of life thence; ind thus good has its existere of life in truth, and truth its esse of life in good (AC 3049, 3180, 4574, 5002, 9154). Hence every good has its own truth, and every truth its own good, because good without truth does not exist, and truth without good is not (AC 9637). Good has also its form and quality from truths, and that truth is the form and quality of good (AC 3049, 4574, 6916, 9154). And thus truth and good ought to be conjoined that they may be something (AC 10555). Hence good is in the perpetual endeavor and desire of conjoining truths to itself (AC 9206, 9495); illustrated (AC 9207). And truths in like manner with good (AC 9206). The conjunction is reciprocal, of good with truth, and of truth with good (AC 5365, 8516). Good acts, and truth re-acts, but from good (AC 3155, 4380, 4757, 5928, 10729). Truths regard their own good, as the beginning and end (AC 4353). The conjunction of truth with good is as the progression of man‘s life from infancy, as he first imbibes truths scientifically, then rationally, and at length makes them of his life (AC 3203, 3665, 3690). It is also as with offspring that is conceived, is in the womb, is born, grows up, and becomes wise (AC 3298, 3299, 3308, 3665, 3690). It is also like seeds and soil (AC 3671). And as with water and bread (AC 4976). The first affection of truth is not genuine, but as man is perfected it is purified (AC 3040, 3089). Nevertheless goods and truths, not genuine, serve for introducing goods and truths that are genuine, and afterwards the former are left behind (AC 3665, 3690, 3974, 3982, 3986, 4145). Moreover man is led to good by truths, and not without truths (AC 10124, 10367). If man does not learn or receive truths, good cannot flow in, thus man cannot become spiritual (AC 3387). The conjunction of good and truth takes place according to the increase of knowledge (AC 3141). Truths are received by everyone according to his capacity (AC 3385). The truths of the natural man are scientifics (AC 3293, 3309, 3310). Scientifics and knowledges are as vessels (AC 6004, 6023, 6052, 6071, 6077). Truths are vessels of good, because they are recipients (AC 1496, 1900, 2063, 2261, 2269, 3318, 3365, 3368). Good flows into man by an internal way, or that of the soul, but truths by an external way, or that of hearing and sight; and they are conjoined in his interiors by the Lord (AC 3030, 3098). Truths are elevated out of the natural man, and implanted in good in the spiritual man; and thus truths become spiritual (AC 3085, 3086). And afterwards they flow thence into the natural man, spiritual good flowing immediately into the good of the natural, but mediately into the truth of the natural (AC 3314, 3573, 4563); illustrated (AC 3314, 3576, 3616, 3969, 3995). In a word, truths are conjoined to good with man, so far and in such manner as man is in good as to life (AC 3834, 3843). Conjunction is effected in one manner with the celestial, and in another with the spiritual (AC 10124). More concerning the conjunction of good and truth, and how it is effected (AC 3090, 3203, 3308, 4096, 4097, 4345, 4353, 5365, 7623-7627). And how spiritual good is formed by truths (AC 3470, 3570).

HD 24.

[4]. Of those who are in truths from good, consequently of truths from good. Of the difference between truth that leads to good, and truth which proceeds from good (AC 2063). Truth is not essentially truth, any further than as it proceeds from good (AC 4736, 10619); because truth has its esse from good (AC 3049, 3180, 4574, 5002, 9144); and its life (AC 2434, 3111, 6077); and because truth is the form or quality of good (AC 3049, 4574, 5951, 9154). Truth is altogether as good with man, in the same ratio and degree (AC 2429). In order that truth may be truth, it must derive its essence from the good of charity and innocence (AC 3111, 6013). The truths which are from good are spiritual truths (AC 5951). Truth makes one with good when it proceeds from good, even so that both together are one good (AC 4301, 4337, 7835, 10252, 10266). The understanding and will make one mind and one life, when the understanding proceeds from the will, because the understanding is the recipient of truth, and the will, of good, but not when man thinks and speaks otherwise than he wills (AC 3623). Truth from good is truth in will and act (AC 4337, 4353, 4385, 4390). When truth proceeds from good, good has its image in truth (AC 3180). In the whole heaven and world, and in the single things thereof, there is an image of marriage (AC 54, 718, 747, 917, 1432, 2173, 2516, 5194). Particularly between truth and good (AC 1904, 2173, 2508). Because all things in the universe have relation to truth and good, in order that they may be anything, and to their conjunction, in order that anything may be produced (AC 2452, 3166, 4390, 4409, 5232, 7256, 10122, 10555). The ancients also instituted a marriage between truth and good (AC 1904). The law of marriage is, that two he one, according to the words of the Lord (AC 10130, 10168, 10169). Love truly conjugial descends and exists from heaven, from the marriage of truth and good (AC 2728, 2729). Man is so far wise, as he is in good and thence in truths, but not so far as he knows truths and is not in good (AC 3182, 3190, 4884). The man who is in truths from good, is actually elevated from the light of the world into the light of heaven, consequently from what is obscure into what is clear; but on the other hand, he is in the light of the world, and what is obscure, so long as he knows truths and is not in good (AC 3190, 3192). Man does not know what good is, before he is in it, ind knows from it (AC 3325, 3330, 3336). Truths increase immensely when they proceed from good (AC 2846, 2847, 5345). Of which increase (AC 5355). This increase is as fructification from a tree, and multiplication from seeds from which whole gardens are produced (AC 1873, 2846, 2847). Wisdom increases in a like degree, and this to eternity (AC 3200, 3314, 4220, 4221, 5527, 5859, 10303). The man also who is in truths from good is in a like degree enlightened, and he is so far in enlightenment when he reads the Word (AC 9382, 10548-10550, 10691, 10694). The good of love is as fire, and truth thence as light from that fire (AC 3195, 3222, 5400, 8644, 9399, 9548, 9684). In heaven truths from good shine (AC 5219). Truths from good, by which is wisdom, increase according to the quality and quantity of the love of good; and on the other hand, falsities from evil, according to the quality and quantity of the love of evil (AC 4099). The man who is in truths from good comes into angelic intelligence and wisdom, and they lie hid in his interiors so long as he lives in the world, but they are opened in the other life (AC 2494). The man, who is in truths from good, becomes an angel after death (AC 8747). Truths from good are like generations (AC 9079). They are disposed in series (AC 5339, 5343, 5530, 7408, 10303, 10308). The arrangement of truths from good compared with the fibres and blood-vessels in the body; and thence with their textures and forms, according to the uses of life (AC 3470, 3570, 3579, 9154). Truths from good form as it were a city, and this from the influx of heaven (AC 3584). The truths which are of the principal love are in the midst; and the rest are more or less remote from thence according to their degrees of disagreement (AC 3993, 4551, 4552, 5530, 6028). Conversely with the evil (AC 4551, 4552). Truths when they proceed from good are arranged in the form of heaven (AC 4302, 4904, 5339, 5343, 5704, 6028, 10303). And this according to the order in which are the angelic societies (AC 10303). All truths when they proceed from good are conjoined to one another by a certain affinity, and they are as derivations of families from one father (AC 2863). All truth has a sphere of extension into heaven, according to the quality and quantity of the good from which it is (AC 8063). The marriage of good and truth is the church and heaven with man (AC 2731, 7752, 7753, 9224, 9995, 10122). Of the delight and happiness of those with whom good is in truths (AC 1470). Truths from good, in conjunction, present an image of man (AC 8370). Man is nothing but his own good, and truth thence derived; or evil, and falsity thence derived (AC 10298). A summary Faith is by truths (AC 4353, 4997, 7178, 10367). Charity towards the neighbor is by truths (AC 4368, 7623, 7624, 8034). Love to the Lord is by truths (AC 10143, 10153, 10310 10578, 10645). Conscience is by truths (AC 1077, 2053, 9113). Innocence is by truths (AC 3183, 3494, 6013). Purification from evils is by truths (AC 2799, 5954, 7044, 7918, 9088, 10229, 10237). Regeneration is by truths (AC 1555, 1904, 2046, 2189, 9088, 9959, 10028). Intelligence and wisdom are by truths (AC 3182, 3190, 3387, 10064). The beauty of angels, and also of men, as to the interiors which are their spirits, is by truths (AC 553, 3080, 4985, 5199). Power against evils and falsities is by truths (AC 3091, 4015, 10488). Order, such as it is in heaven, is by truths (AC 3316, 3417, 3570, 4104, 5339, 5343, 6028, 10303). The church is by truths (AC 1798, 1799, 3963, 4468, 4672). Heaven is with man by truths (AC 3690, 9832, 9931, 10303). Man becomes man by truths (AC 3175, 3387, 8370, 10298). Nevertheless all these things are by truths from good, and not by truths without good; and good is from the Lord (AC 2434, 4070, 4736, 5147). All good is from the Lord (AC 1614, 2016, 2904, 4151, 9981).

HD 25. All good and try is from the Word. The Lord is good itself and truth itself (AC 2011, 4151, 10336, 10619). The Lord, as to both the Divine and the Human, is the Divine good of the Divine love; and from Him proceeds Divine truth (AC 3704, 3712, 4180, 4577). The Divine truth proceeds from the Divine good of the Lord, comparatively as light from the sun (AC 3704, 3712, 4180, 4577). The Divine truth proceeding from the Lord appears in the heavens as light, and forms all the light of heaven (AC 3195, 3223, 5400, 8694, 9399, 9548, 9684). The light of heaven, which is the Divine truth united to the Divine good, enlightens both the sight and the understanding of angels and spirits (AC 2776, 3138). Heaven is in light and heat, because it is in truth and good, for the Divine truth is light there, and the Divine good is heat there (AC 3643, 9399, 9400); and (HH 126-140). The Divine truth proceeding from the Divine good of the Lord, forms the angelic heaven and arranges it in order (AC 3038, 9408, 9613, 10716, 10717). The Divine good united to the Divine truth, which is in the heavens, is called the Divine truth (AC 10196). The Divine truth proceeding from the Lord is the only reality (AC 6880, 7004, 8200). By Divine truth all things were made and created (AC 2803, 2894, 5272, 7678). All power belongs to the Divine truth (AC 8200). Man from himself can do nothing of good, and think nothing of truth (AC 874-876). The rational of man cannot perceive Divine truth from itself (AC 2196, 2203, 2209). Truths which are not from the Lord, are from the proprium of man, and they are not truths, but only appear as truths (AC 8868). All good and truth is from the Lord, and nothing from man (AC 1614, 2016, 2904, 4151, 9981). Goods and truths are so far goods and truths, as they have the Lord in them (AC 2904, 3061, 8480). Of the Divine truth proceeding immediately from the Lord, and of the Divine truth proceeding mediately through the angels, and of their influx with man (AC 7055, 7056, 7058). The Lord flows into good with man, and by good into truths (AC 10153). He flows in by good into truths of every kind, and particularly into genuine truths (AC 2531, 2554). The Lord does not flow into truths separate from good, and no parallelism exists between the Lord and man, with respect to them, but with respect to good (AC 1831, 1832, 3514, 3564). To do good and truth for the sake of good and truth is to love the Lord, and to love the neighbor (AC 10336). They who are in the internal of the Word, of the church, and of worship, love to do good and truth for the sake of good and truth; but they who are in the external of these, without the internal, love to do good and truth for the sake of themselves and the world (AC 10683). What it is to do good and truth for the sake of good and truth, illustrated by examples (AC 10683).

HD 26. Of the various kinds of goods and truths. There is an infinite variety, and one thing is never exactly the same as another (AC 7236, 9002). There is also an infinite variety in the heavens (AC 684, 690, 3744, 5598, 7236). Varieties in the heavens are varieties of good, and thence is the distinction of all therein (AC 3519, 3744, 3804, 3986, 4005, 4067, 4149, 4263, 7236, 7833, 7836, 9002). These varieties are from truths, which are manifold, by which everyone has good (AC 3470, 3519, 3804, 4149, 6917, 7236). Thence all the angelic societies in the heavens, and every angel in a society are distinguished from each other (AC 690, 3241, 3519, 3804, 3986, 4067, 4149, 4263, 7236, 7833, 7836). But they all act in unity by love from the Lord, and thereby regard one end (AC 457, 3986). In general, goods and truths are distinguished according to degrees, into natural, spiritual, and celestial (AC 2069, 3240). In general, there are three degrees of good, and consequently of truth, according to the three heavens (AC 4154, 9873, 10270). The goods and thence the truths in the internal man, are of a threefold kind, and so also in the external (AC 4154). There is natural good, civil good, and moral good (AC 3768). Natural good, into which some are born, is not good in the other life, unless made spiritual good (AC 2463, 2464, 2468, 3408, 3469, 3470, 3508, 3518, 7761). Of natural spiritual good; and of that which is not spiritual (AC 4988, 4992, 5032). There is intellectual truth, and scientific truth (AC 1904, 1911, 2503).

HD 27. That wisdom is from good by truths. In what manner the rational is conceived and born with man (AC 2094, 2524, 2557, 3030, 5126). This is effected by an influx of the Lord through heaven into the knowledges and sciences which are with man, and thence is elevation (AC 1895, 1899-1901). Elevation is according to uses, and the love of them (AC 3074, 3085, 3086). The rational is born through truths, hence such as they are, such is the rational (AC 2094, 2524, 2557). The rational is opened and formed by truths from good; and it is shut and destroyed by falsities from evil (AC 3108, 5126). Man is not rational by this that he can reason on any subject, but that he can see and perceive whether a thing be true or not (AC 1944). Man is not born into any truth, because not born into good; but he is to learn and imbibe both (AC 3175). It is with difficulty that man can receive genuine truths, and thence become wise, on account of the fallacies of the senses, the persuasions of falsity, and the reasonings and doubts thence (AC 3175). Man first begins to be wise, when he begins to be averse to reasonings against truths, and to reject doubts (AC 3175). The unenlightened human rational laughs at interior truths, from examples (AC 2654). Truths with man are called interior when they are implanted in his life, and not in consequence of his knowing them, although they may be truths which are called interior (AC 10199). In good there is the faculty of becoming wise, whence those who have lived in good in the world come into angelic wisdom after their departure out of the world (AC 5527, 5859, 8321). There are innumerable things in every good (AC 4005). Innumerable things may be known from good (AC 3612). Concerning the multiplication of truth from good (AC 5345, 5355, 5912). The good of infancy by truths, and by a life according to them, becomes the good of wisdom (AC 3504). There is the affection of truth and the affection of good (AC 1904, 1997). What is the quality of those who are in the affection of truth, and what is the quality of those who are in the affection of good (AC 2422, 2429). Who are able to come into the affection of truth, and who are not able (AC 2689). All truths are arranged in order under a general affection (AC 9094). The affection of truth and the affection of good in the natural man are as brother and sister; but in the spiritual man, as husband and wife (AC 3160). Pure truths are not given with man, nor even with an angel, but only with the Lord (AC 3207, 7902). Truths with man are appearances of truth (AC 2053, 2519). The first truths with man are appearances of truth from the fallacies of the senses, which nevertheless are successively put off, as he is perfected as to wisdom (AC 3131). Appearances of truth with the man who is in good are received by the Lord for truths (AC 2053, 3207). What, and of what quality the appearances of truth are (AC 3207, 3357-3362, 3368, 3404, 3405, 3417). The sense of the letter of the Word in many places is according to appearances (AC 1838). The same truths with one man are more true, with another less so, and with another false, because falsified (AC 2439). Truths are also truths according to the correspondence between the natural and the spiritual man (AC 3128, 3138). Truths differ according to the various ideas and perceptions concerning them (AC 3470, 3804, 6917). Truth when it is conjoined to good, vanishes out of the memory because it then becomes of the life (AC 3108). Truths cannot be conjoined to good except in a free state (AC 3158). Truths are conjoined to good by temptations (AC 3318, 4572, 7122). There is in good a continual endeavor of arranging truths in order, and of restoring its state thereby (AC 3610). Truths appear undelightful when the communication with good is intercepted (AC 8352). Man can scarcely distinguish between truth and good, because he can scarcely distinguish between thinking and willing (AC 9995). Good is called in the Word the "brother" of truth (AC 4267). Also in a certain respect good is called "lord," and truth, "servant" (AC 3409, 4267).

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