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1 That is, a complex whole which constitutes a unity. (TRANSLATOR)

1 In the expression "Divine proceeding," Divine is not to be understood as an adjective qualifying proceeding, but proceeding is to be taken as a verb (or participle) describing the act which the divine there performs. Thus, the expression does not mean a proceeding which is Divine, but a Divine that is in the act of proceeding forth. "Divine proceeding," thus understood, exactly translates Swedenborg’s Divinum procedens. (Tr.)

1 The Latin has "Jehovah shall say."

1 In the Apocalypse Revealed (AR n. 612), it is "Saviour;" in the Apocalypse Explained (AE n. 31), it is "just and saving;" but the Hebrew is "saved," as given here by Swedenborg. (Tr.)

1 The term singular is the correlative of universal, as particular is of general. The veriest singulars are most absolute ones, the most singular or individually distinct of all. (Tr.)

1 Concerning the Lord‘s temptations or combats, see the small work on The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine, published in London (HD n. 201, 302). And concerning temptations in general (HD n. 187-200).

1 Latin instaurare, to set up, not originally, but in restoration and repair. See Translator’s Prefatory Notes, p. v. (Tr.)

1 Latin instaurare, to set up, not originally, but in restoration and repair. (Tr.)

1 Potestas, Greek is the authority, command, and power that is exercised by a ruler. (Tr.)_

1 Literally, the divine from which; that is, the Divine which is the source. (Tr.)

1 That angels are human forms, and that everything Divine has a tendency to the human form, may be seen in the work on Heaven and Hell (HH n. 73-77, 453-460), and more fully in the works which follow this present one, which will be from Angelic Wisdom concerning the Lord.

1 Literally, the Divine from which; that is, the Divine which is the source. (Tr.)

2 Literally, the Divine by means of which; that is, the Divine which is the instrument or executive agency. (Tr.)

3 Although the treatise here named was never published as a separate work, the subjects of it are specially treated of in the first chapter of the True Christian Religion. See also references to the same subjects in this present work (n. 65), in (SACRED n. 32), and in (DLW n. 9). (Tr.)

1 That is, in 1763. (Tr.)

1 That by "city" in the Word is signified the doctrine of the church and of religion, may be seen in (AC n. 402, 2449, 2943, 3216, 4492, 4493). That by the gate of a city is signified the doctrine by means of which there is entrance into the church (AC n. 2943, 4477, 4478). That on this account the elders sat in the gate of the city, and judged, ibid. That "to go out of the gate" is to fall back from doctrine (AC n. 4492, 4493). That in heaven cities and palaces are presented representatively when angels and spirits are conversing about doctrinal matters (AC n. 3216).