Spiritual Meanings of various Religious words in the Bible

Altar Fearing God Meat offering Righteous
Anointing (2) Glory Mercy Sanctuary
Bear Iniquity Grace Mightly men Sanctuary (2)
Blood of the Covenant Graven image Miter Sepulchre
Book of the Covenant Guilt Moses (2) Seven Churches
Burial Heart and Soul Nephilim Shalt Not Kill
Burnt offerings I AM Oil (2) Soul
Cloud Idol Perfect Statutes
Commandments Iniquity Prayer Testimony
Confessing Judgement Priests Office Transgression
Covenant Judgements Prophet Visitation
Covenant (2) Key Propitiatory Way
Disciple Law Redeeming Witness
Drink offering Laying on the hand Remains
Expiation Manna Repent

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Author:  E. Swedenborg (1688-1772). Design:  I.J. Thompson, Feb 2002. www.BibleMeanings.info