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Six Foundations
The New Jerusalem
Heavenly Doctrine
Divine Providence
Conjugial Love
Brief Arguments


Authority of these Writings

This BibleMeanings.Info website relies on the validity of the revelations through Emanuel Swedenborg. What this means may be seen by his summary of heavenly doctrine in the left links, and his extensive book True Christian Religion.

You may yet find claims here which appear to be incompatible with the way you read the Bible. This means that we have to distinguish orthodox Catholic or Protestant beliefs from what is necessary for Christianity to actually function in a fair, spiritual, wise and loving manner, most essentially based on the Love and Wisdom that constitute the Lord God the Saviour Jesus Christ. See discussion here for how to read the true meaning(s) of the Bible. We may, or may not, find that we can do this, but please do not let that distract you from the essential task of living from a love which produces a good life led by understanding of the truth.